As a business owner, I understand the importance of fiscal responsibility. It will be up to the legislature to ensure future generations do not have to be burdened by high state debt and deficits. This is why I promise to always support a balanced state budget, eliminate wasteful spending, and support the addition of a balanced budget amendment to the Iowa constitution. I will be a good steward of Iowa tax payer dollars! 


I firmly believe that allowing Iowa workers to keep as much of their paychecks as possible is not only fair, but stimulates and advances our economy. We must have a tax code that benefits all Iowans, keeps us competitive with other states, and ensures long term economic growth. I am a strong supporter of cutting taxes or potentially eliminating Iowa income taxes as a whole. I will always fight for the Iowa tax payer! 


Education will be one of my top priorities at the capitol. Ensuring our future generations are educated at the highest possible standard is something we must always demand. We should strive to have the best schools in the nation. To do this, we must focus on strategic investments, competition, technology, and innovation within our school systems. We should always be looking at new ways to prepare our students for the 21st century economy they will soon enter. For example, one of the programs I have become familiar with during my time at the University of Northern Iowa, is the Cedar Valley CAPS program. A program that introduces students to the workforce while in high school (Check out their video here: We must always value and ensure we are putting forward policy that benefits not only our students, but our wonderful teachers. Without quality educators, there is not education. 

Health Care and Pre-Existing Conditions

No Iowan should be denied affordable health insurance because they have a pre-existing condition. As someone with first hand experience of pre-existing conditions within my family, I understand the importance of protecting these individuals. I will always promise to work on the behalf of them and their families. 

I will also promise to fight to expand and better Iowa's health care system. I will support efforts in expanding access to mental health services, allow the growth of telehealth for rural Iowa, and protect life. I will always have the health and safety of Iowan's at the forefront of every vote I cast. 


Agriculture is the driver of Iowa's economy. I will alway be there for our farmers who feed the world and help to give them a voice. I will work to promote Iowa farmers agriculture interest by protecting them from over reaching regulations and taxation. 

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